Monday, July 14, 2008

Antique Porcelain Doll

OneAntique Porcelain Doll

Theres a special place in the world of antiques for antique porcelain
dolls. Works of art in miniature, antique porcelain dolls are a
portrayal of fashion and self-concept for the age they were created in.
Antique porcelain dolls are both delicate and surprisingly durable. It
is a wonder that any of these dolls survived the ages at all,
considering that they were created as a plaything for children! No
doubt many of them were played with a great deal by the little girls
they belonged to, our great-great grandmothers, in years long past. It
is just as certain that many antique porcelain dolls were acquired just
for their beauty, to be put on display in a protective case and not for
playing with! These dolls hold their place as an art form.

As with most antiques, the value of antique porcelain dolls is tied
closely to the condition they are in. Porcelain, while being resistant
to decay, does chip easily. Paint can be rubbed off with excessive
handling. These mishaps are not unusual in antique porcelain dolls, and
finding a doll without them is rare. Antique porcelain dolls command a
high price even with a few faults. The doll needs to be in good
condition generally, and any repairs slight and unnoticeable. Whether
the doll has its original hair and original clothing, and if the body is
original to the head and not a replacement, are all factors to be
considered in determining the value of an antique porcelain doll.


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